Google–My personal Diary

There are lots of people who can’t tell every thing to every thing but they do tell to them self in the form of their personal Diary .

But there is no such dedicated personal diary online and as people are now living a life online want to have personal diary online .

This personal diary should have some advance security so that it zero tolerance for hack so that people be 100% sure that even intelligence agency don't hack into.

This diary application should be user friendly and have fast upload feature.

It may have option to share like husband may share with wife but wife couldn't with any one else or no sharing if security issues.

Personal diary one can keep personal bank a/c details , a/c passwords as such.

if one come up and say hey you can use Google documents to do this , then i will say , we are pretty aware that all these are being hacked then who like to be hacked

The application should come up with all the feature of Google doc but this additional feature making it specialised class.