Google is now entering into every aspect of internet whether it be advertisement , search, website/web application , mobile OS .

The more important is that the passion they have in what they do.

Out of millions applying for jobs in Google only hand full can make up to Google .

In an attempt to excel in every thing they do , Google is getting deviated from the basic Google principle to be work for passion and love not for money which being not to be evil .

Google are loosing its partners like Apple , getting into rival with Microsoft , Lobbying for Nokia.

Google its getting in to business side more than technology side.

At times Google get into trouble with China internal policy threating to leave country.

As now small companies stated filing sue case against Google just like Microsoft end up paying hug money in the past .

Google must not deviate from passion for technology to Money .

Today every country use Google . Google need to Build a brands trust so that Bureaucrats and public figure start using Google just like they use twitter.