Putting Adsense code in blog post

You can always add adsense code in your blog post along with your post write up using Windows live writer using adsense coder widget to increase your revenue generation.

This is the best way to put code as because only when reader is reading post he/she is interested come across the ads which is related to the post and more chance that reader will click the in an attempt to know more .

One side your reader is benefiting on the other side , you are getting paid for your work . As also Google has stated paying less to blogs with less number of visitors , this will increase chances of boasting your adsense income

Most of the post you come across the internet of boast the adsense income , but they never tell you the thumb rule they learned on their path to success .Moreover there is very less chance of you get clicked by reader if the reader himself/herself is an adsense publisher just in the case of this my post which is on adsense

Most of the people spend lots on money to boast their income in web submitting directories , but they very truth to success is a good quality content and the post’s link  comments on other related blog post by others is enough to come up with good income .