More effective controls for buzz in Gmail


1) Settings to control what gets sent to your inbox

2) Explanations for why posts get sent to your inbox and an easy-to-find “Mute” link

3) you can also effectively control the who can see your buzz

These are just the first in series of features designed to help control the noise level in Google Buzz, so stay tuned for more.

So , you will always be safe and will have more control on Google Buzz , hence effective management of control and safety of online presence .

Not only Google is constantly updating its safety and control feature just in Google Buzz but also in all other Google products like Gmail  from being hacked and attempts to misuse data from your account will be indicated to you in red highlight, with information regarding when , where, what.

And if you think there is something more Google can do like add some more new features you want , you are always welcome to suggest to Google by posting your ideas here Product Ideas page.

Official Gmail Blog: Better controls for buzz in your inbox