Making a Video Made simple to upload on YouTube

Here are the steps you follow to make a video without video recorder , just sit in front of your pc and make a video ready to upload on YouTube and check below link for other video sharing sites like you tube

 Top 25 Free Video Sharing Sites – iSoftwareReviews

Purpose of making a video

  1. sharing your  photos in video form with friends
  2. giving instruction on how to do
  3. popularising  you website,blog
  4. broadcasting yourself
  5. making a video CV for jobs
  6. making video presentation
  7. ads for you products
  8. showing online public your local issues
  9. Earn money from video from revenue sharing sites

How to make a video

  1. first download Free screen video capture  ; click to download Freez Screen Video Capture 1.2
  2. Make a presentation using  Ms Power point include custom animation and make the presentation slideshow automatically
  3. while slideshow, capture the screen motion using Free screen Video capture
  4. Now select any mp3 music you want to add or if you want to add use your voice use author stream software to your video
  5. then  merge the video and mp3/voice in live movie maker ; click  to download Movie Maker - Windows Live

At the end make a video like one below i made