Google Wave , a new way of communication

  • i am all set to write a blog on Google wave and currently i dont know how it can be useful to me but in future i may be using it a lot as i do use the other Google products

  • . To start with Google have provided with video tutorial but there lots to explore 

  • people say with Google wave you can do colloboration work together with all can add and edit a word file from different place as if sitting an working together at one place as edit get modifed very quickly without refresh. till know i have only this piece of information.

  • The difficulties in involved it does not work with internet explorer,

  • it runs on safari, firefox and chrome ,

  • it take time to open or get loaded on browser, and need a double refresh

  • Less knowledge with people to make effective use of it

  • it gives you a  different email id ie,

  • Also it is currently available on to use on invitation, 8 invites per head is allowed

  • I will be sharing this invites with my friends and get to know more about Google wave and send feedback to Google about this new product

  • you can directly apply for invitation from  Google wave at or some of your friends is already having an invite can send you one

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