Full length movies on YouTube soon : Pay Per Download Business



Soon everyone of us will be able to download full length movie from Youtube legally after paying a small charge/fee  as Google’s Youtube soon will enter in to Pay Per Download Business

The charge/fee would be less as the movie will of course will  have commercial ads in them

Not good for those with slow internet connection as will take more time to download

Also when the length of the video is more, Youtube Video streams with very poor speed  so watching/viewing  movie on Youtube may not be a good option then to download and see uninterrupted

Also the video quality is also a matter of concern on YouTube as compared to video quality offered by vimeo

The best way to download is using the software internet download manager ; whenever you a video streaming in your browser, it provide a link above for fast download to you pc

Well for paying the fee Google have its own payment system “Google checkout’ but for this system also you need a credit card as you do for your other online shopping. Hope the we may have system in near future to pay directly from Bank accounts like PayPal

Movie Downloads Coming to YouTube