Windows Live Writer

Really an amazing piece of work done by Microsoft, it  had  been long talking about Google products  but Window live writer is just a dream come true for bloggers. If any of the blogger does not know about Windows Live writer, he is at a very big unaware. First of all unlike most of other Microsoft product, Window Live Writer is available for free download over internet, so any one can have it and enjoy the experience of ultimate window live writer. You type your blog offline and publish it after you complete typing.  It will download your blogger blog theme (or any other blog you use), and you will have the same  duplicate page offline. This is not all about it , you can enjoy many feature like inserting picture/photo album  from pc/laptop without the need of uploading it to hosting sites , table,maps,tags,videos,url, embedded video code.Also you can add to it addition plug in as per you need. you can save it as draft and publish when ever you wish to do so. there is lot more windows live writer provides you than what you aspect.A very user friendly software. Blogging without Window live writer is so much pain taking when compared to work made easy by using it. you can preview before you publish, you can add html code , also can edit . In Blogger what you call as labels are referred to as categories in it, can categories post just in a single click . For adding video you get three option like add from url/embedded or browse from your  pc/laptop (through youtube/soapbox) and can enter tags (like for technorati) . add maps , just type in location and bing map will be added.Many feature you commonly use in MS Word are  available in it. Even you can post for multiple blogs with it . You can set publish date,you can post draft to you blogger blog without publishing over internet. A too Good product ever made by Microsoft especially for Bloggers.