Google Desktop

Google Desktop comes with Google pack Downloads , one can download it separately also from  .There are lot more things you can do with it .  Just click on the “+” sign on the top of Google Desktop sidebar and add the gadget you love and you use daily. By clicking on the collapse option(down arrow on gadgets) the gadgets will get reduced to rectangle round bar , then you can add many number of gadgets to it. on clicking the bar , the short page slide out to let you do what you wish to do . You don’t have to open your browser and visit site, here just in a click you can get the required can Add many gadgets like Work timer,analog clock,Gmail,Google talk, orkut birthday reminder,Google reader,to do list,twitter,alexa traffic ranking,Google calendar,Adsense report,Hot or not , Goggle short message service , internet speed measurer, text to speech, calendar ,games ,battery meter, Google desktop search,Microsoft office 2007 shortcut  and lot more