THE FIRST Android POWERED PHONE-the T-mobile G1

Official Gmail Blog: A sneak peek at Gmail on Android

THE FIRST Android POWERED PHONE-the T-mobile G1 is going to be released on 22nd of October

Gmail on T-mobile:

as we have ben using gmail on our pc/laptops , it more ease to use gmail on andriod powered phones

you can download and manage them more effectively and much more like adding star , labels, and archive , saving draft and reporting spam also

Using gmail on it , you don't have to reload and refresh to see whether you got new mail or not , on it you will be get notified about it by a notifier

when ever you are reading something and find it interesting enough to share with you friends , you simply click on share button ,immediately create an email with that article web address, and auto contact suggestion with assist you in selecting yourcontact .and send

when ever you load anything here on andriod powered phone it automatically get synchronized with gmail ,never to worry of losing you new contacts and contents