Official Google Docs Blog: Live blogging with Docs

Now Blogger can do blogging using Google docs which will give their posting a more attractive look.

"How to start using Google doc for blogging"

  1. sign up or if you already have an account with Google then just log in into your Google account into Google Docs and click continue
  2. Go to setting page
  3. Look for blog setting and click edit info
  4. fill in the box with your blog details
  5. try testing using test button
  6. save
  7. create a doc using new option in the file menu
  8. after saving click on share button to the right top
  9. click publish as a web page
  10. click post blog and your all done with your posting.


"STEPS TRIED TO add youtube video to google docs BUT NOT WORKING"

  1. go to youtube video page of the video you want to share
  2. Copy the embedded code from there
  3. come back to google doc and click edit button from menu
  4. under edit option go to edit HTML
  5. you will be taken to a page where you past the embedded code of your youtube video
  6. save and click back button.

but it don't worked as these same steps works will editing in to add video in blogger blog, also in Google doc insert option we only picture adding option.