Official Google Blog: Google Reader learns to share

whenever you are reading stuff on Internet and finds it interesting to share with friends use Google reader
"how to Share"

  • when you subscribe to any blog site just click add subscription in Google Reader and type in the URL of that site free of cost.

  • you can also include it in starred items , you can add tags in Google Reader.

  • with Google reader you can share it with friends in Google Talk/chat.

"How to share"

  • when you are reading stuff and finds interesting to share, click on add buttons on the site like
  1. Add to Google,
  2. Add to technorati fav ,
  3. Add to my Yahoo,
  4. Add to MSN ,
  5. Add to rojo ,
  6. Add to AOL,
  7. Add to newsgator ,
  8. Add to XML,
  9. Add to Bloglines ,
  10. Add to windows live etc
  11. you can also bookmark to come back to read stuff you found interesting.

  • how to bookmark website, simple highlight the URL in the address bar of the browser can drag and drop on the browser

12.Subscribe using email subscription.