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Today the date 11 July 2008, Apple has launches its Apple 3G iPhone .

Both Airtel and Vodafone will bring Apple iPhone 3G to India.

Apple in its introduction of 3G iPhone said that

  • price is $199 which is 8530 INR

  • Faster Internet browsing speed which is many time faster than first generation iPhone.

  • Launch worldwide on 11July 2008( that's today)[[ but will hit India in around September as an expectation]]

  • Available with 8GB and 16GB storage

  • Availabe in black and white colour

  • Slim and slick with wide screen.

technical specifications
C/net review of apple iphone 3G

Today First launched it in US and UK.

IN INDIA You can buy from ebay and Amazon but it will be available in Airtel Store in India, you can book Your Apple iphone 3G now with Airtel and also on vodafone and also there are other place from you can buy