TAG YOURSELF IN Orkut PHOTO ALBUM (Tag- that's me!)

orkut Blog: Tag- that's me!

tagging on your friends and your own pic is the one of the orkut most attractive features

"how to use it" that's very simple
1. go to your or your friends photo album
2.click on add tag first
3. then click on your friends or your own photo and select the area
4. then a pop up box will open asking for "enter the name"
5. when you start writing the name, list of name will get displayed
6. click on the name and it will be displayed on the photo domain you selected before.
7.when you visit your or your friends profile and click on photos of me
8. you can see the photos you tagged
9. on tagging you will receive email notification

one thing you cannot do is that you cannot tag for your friends Friend