orkut Blog: Privacy Feature Update

orkut Blog: Privacy Feature Update

this feature is most welcomed by female user of orkut, where they constantly receive nonsense scraps,testimonials from people in the network.

now that orkut has updated its privacy features, you can select people who can see and write you scrap and testimonials, also who can see your album, feeds and videos.

you can now also select the countries and regions from which user can view your profile

you are also select whether to show your orkut information when orkut friends search for you on Google.com

you can also hide your visit to other profile and hide your updates

"how to do it"
1. go to setting on your orkut home page,
2.click on privacy button
3. change the setting you like
4.click on save changes

not only this orkut, now orkut take a good care of profile photos

Now when you right click on users' profile pic with you mouse in orkut network and try to save the pic as "save image as" it now more saved