Google Print Ads

Official Google Blog: Opening up Google Print Ads

Google already a sucessful in its advertising program, is now constantly expanding its network area.

now you can also give ads in U.S newspapers by just sitting at home by using Google print ads.

google says "Google Print Ads is a new extension of Google AdWords that makes it easy to run ads in newspapers across the U.S. – whether you're buying space in one paper or a hundred."

"how to use"
1. get an adwords account. on print ads at the bottom of the page
3.choose news paper of your wish, the desired place and size on newspaper
5.and price you have to pay is displayed on right hand side and allow you to bid.
6.if you bid is rejected you will get a feedback and allow you to bid again.
7. if accepted now you upload you ad if u have an ad format,
8.if you don't have create there itself using google tools.
9. submit, you are done.