AdSense and YPN

Official Google Blog: Our agreement to provide ad technology to Yahoo!

good piece of news: Google will now allow access to yahoo in AdSense program.

Google entered into advertising agreement with yahoo that will provide yahoo to access AdSense add programs in U.S and Canada.

As we all know Google had built advertising technology which is not only popular under the name AdSense but also efficient in its field.


suppose you are looking for stock details and made a Google search and reached a site using Google AdSense program, then you will see ads related to stock details on the site .

Its advertising program do not force people to reach an ad which they are not interested in short they display targeted ads, also Google AdSense program do not support dynamic ads and pop up ads , it takes good care about the keyword of your site.

Google has the most popular and reliable advertising program i.e, AdSense and AdWords.
AdSense is popular among publisher and blogger whereas AdWords is popular among advertisers.

now yahoo publishing network also known as YPN is getting support from AdSense program to let consumer see the relevant ads and publisher of YPN to increase their revenue.

still both yahoo and Google will remain good competitor in their advertising program as this agreement is not a merger.

previously Google is having similar type of agreement with AOL and