Add your business to Local Search in India just for free

Official Google Blog: Add your business to Local Search in India

Google now giving you free customers for your shop,travel agency,whatever business you run in your city.

you can now make difference from you competitor in just few minutes, using Google local business search

Now get listed your business in Google search

suppose you run a travel agency in your city and looking to increase your customers.
and you have listed your business on Google, what happens now when a whole lot of Google visitor make search for the business you deal in, reaches you listing, and you get your number of customer increasing day by day.

"how to do it"
1. sign up with Google account,
2.get your business listed by filling the form click here
3.enter the details correctly
4.enter the category of your business of your wish
6.customize and get validated

or take a short cut call google at1-800-419-4444
or sms "registor" to 09900800000

you are done it will take just few minutes and is all free