Microprocessor :
  • The word Microprocessor itself tells you its meaning i.e, micre means small and processor means that a system that perform certain process or operation.
  • Previously, large computer made of large number of vaccum tube which now a days, replaced by standard size computers consisting of Microprocessor made of transistors.
  • A Microprocessor is made of millions of transistors which in a semiconductor junctions.
  • A single transistor perform a single task.
  • Thus millions of transistors combinedly perforn multiple tasks and the device is called the Microprocessor.
  • Microprocessor finds its application in most of the major fields.
  • one of the most sucessfull companies dealing with Microprocessor today is the Intel.
  • To design digital system onre needs Microprocessor and a memory chips.
  • Microprocessor driven by suitable software is used to perfom desired algorithm operations.
  • Today intel dual core processor is one of the best example of greatest technology in the field of Microprocessor.