Life at Dimapur City (Nagaland, India)

i want to bring your attention to living condition prevailing in the state of Nagaland lets talk about a major city of nagaland i.e, Dimapur Here people settled here from other part of India just struggling to live a safe life which is not known to outside world
Here people having from Rs. 5000 to above are being kidnapped and are taken to unknown place and asked to give any amount according to the individual capacity for no reason just to live a safe life here
the people will be sent a letter specify the amount to be give to the underground else they be kidnapped and harassed
These underground people used to keep with them a dairy which contain the name of the person mobile no. and the amount they earn
and the amount is taken by each and every person who or whose grand father settled here long before not one is left out
and and i request you to keep my name hidden
the amount these underground people collecting may be in 100 crores
after giving money also they will threaten which makes the other other common people to do the same who not underground but showing power
when some news channels visit here they show to them that nothing is happen here