Deccan Airline Service

i booked 2 tickets for the travel between DELHI TO GUWAHATI with my mom and reached airport four hours before time of departure on the date 05/05/2008 to catch the flight 619 and took the boarding pass 1 hr before with the pnr no. 7290595 sl. no.55/35 and 54/34.

The black colour flip dispay screen and also the digital screen at the airport which i all use as an instructor when to go for security check creaed trouble which always displayed that the flight is on time and never asked to go for security check and and i as waiting for that up 9am but none of staff member came and told u r late as the care which other airline staff keep searching if some body left waiting to call ask them to go the procedure at the last moment there was an announcement for 619 and i myself went and what was the announcement the answer they told" u hae almost missed ur flight " but we ran and catched the flight but still problem not yet over the crew member i saw were showing attitude to other pessenger on board . the crew member under captain Rahul was like not responding in good manner.

So this was my last irritating jouney with the Deccan Airline and wished not to travel with Deccan ever again