Dynamo wireless CCTV - Know about it before you buy it

Product Review

Dynamo wireless CCTV   is actually in demand as its all in one, compact, easy to install

Bad Points

  1. the  product shown in tv ad is lot different that what is  delivered
  2. the device  size is very small  than what is shown in tv
  3. the area  covered can be zoom in and out but  still covers a very small area  and picture quality could be adjusted to HD, fHD but still quality is just touching ok and not an ok one at all
  4. the view screen is very small and  operating buttons are very annoying , for first three you will not able to find how to get control of  things
  5. the parts are just assembled like battery from Nokia, scan disc card adapter  e.t.c 
  6. memory comes to be 8gb extendable to 32 GB but records only 2+ hrs for GB and 6- hrs  for 32 gb so in no way it can record even a day
  7. though comes with nokia battery but hardly enough to sustain , one to need to provided constant power through  wire charger 
  8. There is no proper user manual and warranty card   provided 
  9. the lady is on call to serve customer is very rude.
  10. night vision is not clear  if capture distance  become more than 1.5 meter
  11. the packing is not having thermocol to prevent breakage 
  12. the product take a bit long delivery time as  many call in between to conform you ordered it
  13. the price is around 3540  and add an addition  card  say 32GB to make it at least record  for 6 hours  makes a total of Rs.4300 and yet not worth it 
Good points 
  1. scan disk card adapter to hold memory card  pretty  good to hold any mobile memory card
  2. The provided memory card comes with a video on hold to fix the  holder on the wall and install the device 
  3. light weight  
  4. It record in night i.e having infra red vision
  5. cash on delivery option